Avoiding the Nearest Public Restroom? You Don’t Have To!
If the idea of going to the nearest public restroom is enough to make you try to hold your bladder until tomorrow, you may always be on the lookout for alternative pit stop opportunities. While it’s true that public restrooms can be hubs for germs and poor maintenance, that doesn’t mean they are always a no-go when you really need to “go.” Here are a few action steps you can take to make visiting the nearest public restroom less stressful:

  1. Look Out for Long Lines – This may seem like an obvious step, but if there are long lines of people waiting to use the nearest public restroom, that means a lot of people have been doing their business in the space. It may be worth looking for an alternative so you don’t find yourself waiting in line or worrying about whether you should go. However, if there is a short line or no line at all, you may feel comfortable doing a little cleaning reconnaissance before you get ready to get some relief.
  2. Carry a Bathroom Kit – One of the best things you can do before you stop at the nearest public restroom is put together a travel bathroom kit. With everything you need from hand sanitizer to toilet paper and handi-wipes, you’ll find that your entire bathroom experience is cleaner and germ-free. Keeping your bathroom kit in your car or in your purse while traveling will make it easy to grab and go any time you need to use the nearest public restroom.
  3. Check a Clean Bathroom Locator – Are you worried that you won’t really know what you’re getting into as you walk towards the nearest public restroom? Don’t worry. Using a clean bathroom locator will tell you what other visitors thought about the space and whether it’s safe for you.

You’ll find the answers you need with us a Happy Crappin’, so check out our clean bathroom locator today to find out more about the nearest public restroom to you. With us, you’ll have the inside scoop on where to poop!