Finding Clean Restrooms: Four Signs It’s Safe to Go
Finding clean restrooms while you are out in public can certainly lead you on a wild goose chase. Whether you are at a festival, taking a long road trip, or your child is having a meltdown in the back seat, knowing that you can take a pit stop and find a clean restroom is always a relief. But what exactly are the signs that a restroom is safe to use? Can you feel confident that you’ve made a good decision in your chosen place to stop? Here are four signs that it’s safe to go:

  1. Dedicated Staff – One of the best ways to determine whether you’ve found clean restrooms is if the facility has a dedicated janitorial or cleaning staff. That means the facility will see routine cleanings throughout the day and week that keep it free of germs and bacteria.
  2. Fully Stocked – You can tell a lot about a restroom when you look at the paper products and soap. If there is more toilet paper on the floor than on the roll, the soap dispensers are all empty, or you can’t find any paper towels, there is a good chance you’ll want to move on.
  3. Closed for Cleaning – While you are looking for a clean restroom to use right away, any sign that suggests the restroom may be closed for cleaning at regular intervals is a good indicator that you’ve chosen a good place to stop.
  4. Newly Renovated – Lastly, if you find a bathroom that has been newly renovated or received updates, you may find that your search for clean restrooms is successful. Having the latest fixtures and plumbing goes a long way to improve your public restroom experience.

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