Five Benefits of Using a Clean Restroom Locator
There are going to be times when finding a clean restroom is more difficult than it seems. Whether you are driving down the highway looking for a rest stop or you have a car emergency that requires all of your kids to pile out of the back seat, the one thing you’ll always need is a clean place to stop. However, knowing where to stop on your next road trip can certainly raise some questions. The closest travel plaza does not always offer the cleanest escape, and fast food restaurants and other side-of-the-road options are questionable at best.

That’s where a clean restroom locator comes in. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can find a clean restroom at a moment’s notice – or even know when to hold it until the next exit for a better experience? Here are five key benefits of using a clean restroom locator as you hit the road:

  1. Location – Firstly, a clean restroom locator allows you to find a restroom based on your current location rather than just “flying by the seat of your pants.”
  2. Condition – You’ll also find other traveler reviews that will tell you whether your next pit stop is a “no” or a “go.”
  3. On-The-Go – And speaking of going – you can either plan your pit stops before your trip, or you can just look them up on the go.
  4. Leave a Review – Hated your experience or want to leave a glowing review? You can do that using a clean restroom locator. Other travelers will know where to go, as well!
  5. Visit Again – If you’ve stopped once, you can use a clean restroom locator to determine where you would stop again and where you would avoid taking a pit stop next time.

At Happy Crappin’, we know that finding a clean restroom on the road can be a challenge, but we think you’ll find our clean restroom locator makes things go a little more smoothly. Check it out and leave a review today! Don’t forget to mention if the diaper changing stations, kiddie seats, etc. are useable and in good condition.