Five Essential Items You Need When Using Public Bathroom Stalls
If you’ve ever had to use public bathroom stalls, then you know there are times when you just really don’t want to touch anything. While using your hips or your elbows to get around offers some solutions, it doesn’t always solve the germ problem when you really need to “go” the most. Here are five essential items that you may want to turn into a travel bathroom kit any time you need to use public bathroom stalls:

  1. Toilet Paper – There is nothing worse than sitting on the seat to do your business only to find that there isn’t any toilet paper. Keeping some travel-sized rolls in your purse or in your travel kit will ensure this is never a problem.
  2. Napkins or Paper Towels – There is a good possibility that if the public bathroom stalls are out of toilet paper, they will also be lacking in paper towels at the sink. Keeping some napkins from your last restaurant stop or a few paper towels in your travel kit will give you an easy method for washing and drying your hands.
  3. Hand Sanitizer – If they’re out of toilet paper or paper towels, they may also be out of soap! Hand sanitizer can be a great tool to use in a pinch if you can’t wash your hands adequately.
  4. Handi-Wipes – If you really gotta go, but the idea of touching anything in a public restroom stall gives you the heebie-jeebies, then handi-wipes may be your new best friend. Easy to use on virtually any surface from toilet lids to door handles and countertops, you can sanitize as needed.
  5. Rubber Bands – Have you ever pulled the door closed on public bathroom stalls, only to find that they don’t have a latch? Then you spend half your time hovering over the toilet and the other half trying to keep the door closed while you go. A rubber band (or even twist ties) may solve this problem because you can loop them around each side of the missing door latch for a more secure restroom visit.

At Happy Crappin’, we hope you never have to worry about dealing with dirty public bathroom stalls, and we can help you find clean restrooms with our convenient locator service. Find the nearest public restroom while you’re on the road and leave a review for future travelers. We have the 4-1-1 on where to sit your bum!